Saturday, October 30, 2010

my approach on Samsung B7722
My opinion:
The phone is new in the series is the first mobile phone dualsim.In first of its kind produced by a renowned company that has the range and business orientated functions such as the advanced touch screen, WLAN, and 5MP camera with autofocus. The sound quality is good and the battery held at least three days in terms of use intensa. De not wait to take another two to take the whole family and we can use video conferencing.

The perfect combination smartphone / dual sim. A multi-function dual sim perfect, touch the art technology. Extremely useful function of locking the touch's created during the talks. Samsung dual sim phone technology with shift specified network by simply pressing a button on the side. The two networks are always active, there can call is received at the same time, no need to use call forwarding service.

Battery behaves quite well. I gave myself three days after purchase, given that I played about two hours continuously Asphalt to download it. Wireless is running well, a little problem as the Internet browser is pretty weak. The phone is very easy, surprisingly from my old N72. Business design is black with quality materials. I think it's best dual sim today.

I've bought this phone after a few days, price quality ratio is one excelent.tinand mind that we've gone from the iPhone's touch at the Samsung (I'm referring strictly to this model, because there are phones Samsung with a touch more sensitive), was a bit harder to get used, you must hit something hard on him, but who rather than two phones with two chargers and / or two hands free is much better sites, I connected a headset from Nokia (HB 803) in which the specifications said it would not be compatible with models from Samsung, but it goes smoothly, the only problem encountered so far is that at some point during the call the other person not hear me while I hear him on it, but it might be a problem at retea.alt aspect that should be made is Improved Internet browser moves a little slow, the rest is ok . is a product worth makes pretty good job, but do not forget that the phone has been created for something else, perhaps it is justified and the lack of a GPS receiver.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

twitme see most tweeted

i was wondering, is there some thing that could show you the most twitted twitme's of your wordpress blog? I wanna see which post is the most twitted on my blog and there doesn't seem to be such feature on the official twitmeme page.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Earn money with wibiya

make earn money with wibiya monetize your blogThat's right... cool or not, Wibiya (the toolbar) that we all seen now or then along few months back, is offering some types of revenue to their "tamagotchi" thing. Now you can monetize even your tools bar! - ain't that cool eh?!

Soo, from now on people can easily earn money not by using Adsense or other advertising companies. Instead they can use Wibiya's monetizing system. There are currently three ways you can earn money from your wibiya toolbar:

1. User Donation

So yeah, this is a classic mode but it's implemented in a fresh newly released web-based toolbar, so why not give it a try. This is the easiest way to allow your readers and community members to donate money and show their support. Donors can click to make donations of any amount secured via PayPal. The features of this choice are: One click donation function, Customized donation purpose, Customized default currency, Choose from a variety of icons

2. Express Affiliate Links
Earn money as an affiliate with a single click! - Related Application Express Web Links Your links will change the current equivalent affiliate link, so you can be paid every time a user you referred purchases something on a site mentioned it.

Related Web Links Express is an easy to use and takes absolutely no virtual real estate. The generator will not add any new links, double-points, lines, weird pop-up status. Users are routed quickly and securely to the original destination URL.

Related Links Express will make both your old and new links, whether they have been placed by you or users. It works alongside other ad platforms are already being used, does not require registration and can be turned off and back on easily.

3. Project Board (By DoNanza)
Expose your users for many projects I can do at home on their skills. Easily customize and add a working draft board home at your site, matching it to your site's look and feel. Display projects that complement your skills and interests of users. Boost your income! Get paid when users work on projects they find interesting on the board. Get paid when buyers post projects project directly on the board.

Nokia 6301 versus Nokia 6300

If there is one mobile phone manufacturer which releases new models one after another, is none other than Nokia. Unlike Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung and other popular mobile phone manufacturers, Nokia releases models quicker than the average consumer actually can keep up with.

This is probably because they are the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer. But how does this affect the average consumer? What happens if you purchased the mobile phone is available now with a newer, better version after a month or so?

Basically, this is a matter of what is important to you as a mobile phone user. If you want to have later that a mobile phone manufacturer has to offer - then you can grab the latest models that they release into the market. Or, if you are more patient, you can wait until a new, better model comes along.

Nokia 6301 Nokia 6300 compared to

Nokia 6300 and Nokia 6301 is a classic example. At first glance, these two phones would have been different colors of the same model. The appearance of the Nokia 6300 and Nokia 6301 are almost identical.

However, the difference between the two is in the complexity characteristics.

Here is a comprehensive on different features of Nokia 6300 and Nokia 6301 mobile phones.

1. Waiting Time

With Nokia 6301, standby time is 310 hours. The Nokia 6300 is 348 hours of standby time.

2. Internal memory

Nokia 6301 has an internal memory of 30 MB, while Nokia 6300 has only 10 MB of internal memory or less.

3. Connectivity

When you buy the Nokia 6301 will have Wi-Fi and UMA connectivity feature. This is not present at all with the Nokia 6300.

4. Dimensions

Nokia 6300 has slightly smaller dimensions as the Nokia 6301 - making it a little on the lighter.

Features of Nokia 6301 and Nokia 6300 have in common

If there are differences, there are features that are common to both models of Nokia mobile phones:
- 240x320 pixels, 16M color display
- 3.5 hours of talk time
- 2-megapixel
- USB and Bluetooth connectivity
- FM Radio

Also, when it comes to design, both phones are candy bar type. The material is made of stainless steel frame - and units are very easy to handle.

The downside to both features and Nokia 6300 Nokia 6301 is that there is no auto focus or flash on the camera included. Also, there is no 3G connectivity feature.

If you are looking for a unique feature in the design, there is a blue light on each side of the Nokia 6300 that shines when you have unread text messages. This is a "cute" feature that users would most likely have fun with.

Now that you know about the main differences between the Nokia 6301 and Nokia 6300 phone that would most likely buy? If you are looking for a long time waiting and more memory capacity, then the Nokia 6301is definitely the best choice.

ClickBank Cash Supreme

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Affiliate Marketing Introduction

Search the Internet, you may encounter "affiliate marketing" phrase. This term applies to one source the most exciting and fastest growing business potential today.

Its basic meaning is that having a committed team of sales agents, but only receive payment of the fee. This means that as a business-owner, you are given the potential for additional sales with no overhead or risk at all, for that matter. Any purchases led to your business through affiliate marketing can be considered "bonus" - therefore, the Commission does not cut into any gains you would have had previously.

However, affiliate marketing, also offers opportunities for those who have no desire or infrastructure to run their own business. Potential affiliate marketing are usually provided with affiliate network that tracks clicks and purchases, so you do not need advanced coding or negotiations. The Marketer then only need to generate traffic and buying whatever you want, whether word-of-mouth (through forums, etc.), pay-per-click advertising or link exchanges.

Affiliate marketing today is a relatively sub-radar form of marketing. search engine ranking, RSS syndication, marketing and e-mail usually gain the most attention today, and so are well-related methods underestimated and underused. Despite this, the estimated amount of sales generated in the United Kingdom only to 2.16 billion pounds.

There are many resources available for those looking to take advantage of affiliate marketing. A simple search can deliver more marketing network that connects advertisers.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

long term effects of a tsunami

long term effects of a tsunami
long term effects of a tsunami are Loss Of Tourism, Property damage, beach destroyed, Deaths - suffering of family members, Fear, Injuries. If you figured out any other effects let me know by commenting.